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The race is on to be the first player to correctly guess your secret card!

Are you ready to put your deduction hat on? In Concluzio, you and your opponents will put your logic and reasoning skills to the test to try and be the first player to correctly guess what three attributes are on your secret card. You have no idea what that card is...but everyone else does!

Each player is dealt 5 clue cards as well as 1 secret card. You don't look at your secret card as you take it. It's your job to figure out what's on that card. The secret card is a clue card, similar to the ones you have in your hand. Each card has a...

- Shape
- Number
- Color

On your turn, you lay down cards in the hopes of narrowing down what your secret card may be. You ask your neighbor if the played card has any shared elements of your secret card. If there's a match or not, the player will tell you. It's up to you to organize the cards and piece together what your secret card is.

When you're ready to guess what your secret card is, instead of playing a secret card you take a guess. If you're correct, you win! If not, you lose!

Concluzio is color-blind friendly! To aid those whom are color-blind, we have included identifying markers in the corner of each clue card.

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